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Load or push your code from/to GitHub

Load a JSNB from public repositories on GitHub or private repositories where you have access. Will require access token. How to get access token?

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Options for Notebook

Load your local files

Load a JSNB from local stotage of the browser

Share The Notebook

Sharable Link:     📋

This will show the notebook with all controls. This link is ideal for collaboration. Any user with the link and access to the Github repo of the notebook and push the changes to Github.

iFrame to embed::     📋

- Push to github if you have made changes.
- When embedded using this iFrame, the controls will be hidden.
- Ensure the iFrame is inserted in another page.
- The sandbox parameters can be removed/altered while embedding if you trust the code.
- If you want the code of the cells also to run when the page is loaded, check the "Run On Load" from Edit->Options before publishing.